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Do you also get blown away by cool snaps, most of the time? Before hiring a wedding photographer, you need to understand the difference in wedding photography styles! Not all wedding photoshoots editing styles are the same! But if you spend some time gazing at the photos as I do, or if you don’t see the difference, it can be difficult to even tell if there is a difference from the beginning. Some nuances of light, shadows, and colors can have a significant impact on the way you analyze moments and photographs.

As a result, this can determine how the work of the photographer evokes more (or less) empathy. That’s why it’s so important to understand the style of the wedding photoshoots before hiring a photographer! Do you want to regret signing the contract? Of course! I brought in an expert to prevent that from happening – Knotty Days!

Whether you’re looking for a cheap photo shoot or a gorgeous photoshoot, wedding photos are one of the few souvenirs from Knotty Days that you want to make grand. Do you want to regret signing the contract? So, let’s think about whether the type fits you and the theme of your wedding.

Signature Style

Signature photography art comes with a very subjective style because it is subjective to the viewer. It delivers further into the subject and environmental attitudes, perceptions, and interpretations by the photographer. Such wedding photos are a clear reflection of open and flowing styles of photography.

Romantic Style

If you love showbiz very much and have always dreamed of having a movie of your wedding photos, then you can go for the best romantic wedding shooting style. The entire imagery & movie is shot with related theme as if the event or scene is running in the background. This is the Bollywood romantic hit of the year.

Creative Style

This is one of the latest wedding photography styles. It features unusual contrast and saturation of dark colors. It is worth noting that these types of photos are not for everyone. The combination of light and shadow in creative style contrasted with dark colors creates a dramatic atmosphere. There is nothing pure white here. Bright colors are complemented by shades of other colors.

Photojournalism Style

Photo Journalism style in wedding photography is a way to record the real-time event of your wedding and aims to capture the story of every moment in a candid and observational way. A modern fast-moving style that captures every little moment of the wedding. Photos that capture the creativity of your wedding.

Editorial Style

This style is highly inspired by the fashion photography style, which includes dramatic props, settings, and lighting, and offers ‘WOW’ photography for important days. I want to take a picture like on the cover of a magazine, this style is for you

Friends & Family

No wedding and the celebrations surrounding it are incomplete without friends and family. And so are your wedding photos. Capturing their sly smiles, big brimming laughter, and most importantly the tinge of selfless happiness in their eyes, when they see you smiling and celebrating your union with the love of your life. We aim to capture and perpetuate them into your relishable moment which you can experience time and again, for years to come.

Flow Style

What’s better than something that just flows, without any limitations and restrictions. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? This is what we often aim to achieve in this style of photography. We capture and focus on imagery in extremely candid and raw moments. We intend to go with the flow of the mood and emotions surrounding your wedding and hold onto the lucid and fluid emotions that flow throughout the gala.

Fun Style

Our photoshoots are a perfect synonym of fun and excitement and we aim to capture and immortalize the most beautiful day in the craziest and enthralling way. With the rich use of scintillating colors and hues, we would make sure that you relish your wedding day for years to come.

Portraits Style

Portraits are a perfect way to give a frame and focus to even the slightest of emotions and feelings. The twinkle in the eyes, the smile lines, the squint on your nose when you smile and fill your heart with hope are perfect subjects when it comes to this style of photography, and don’t worry, we will give them a beautiful space in your album for the rest of your life.

Architecture & Spaces

What’s the point of a destination wedding if you don’t get that perfect romantic picture at the most picturesque location, which you can look up to for the rest of your life. In this style of photography, we focus on the most enthralling locations of the destination to give you a drool-worthy collection of magical pictures, making your dream a perfect and everlasting memory.

Black & White Style

The monochrome is always a perfect statement when it comes to most focused and authentic albums. This style proves that we don’t always need a lot of colors in order to express emotions and capture the feelings embroidering our beautiful faces.

Minimilist Style

This style does is the perfect epitome that you don’t need a lot of elements to make your imagery drool-worthy and one of a kind. Here we play with colors, hues and focus more on capturing the expressions rather than the environmental elements.

MultiExposure Style

This style explores different feels that come when we play around with hues, degrees of exposure, and much more. With every changing feature and photographic element, you get to see how the overall look, feel, and mood of the imagery changes, offering you a wide range of aesthetics to choose from.

Magical Nights Style

We like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. The night imagery always had our heart as the night sky and surroundings act as a plain canvas to play with different types of lights, colors, and patterns, making the whole ensemble aesthetic, dreamy and colleen of aurora.

Silhouette Style

This style is by far the most abstract one out of all as here our main focus is on the silhouettes of your movements, body language, and backgrounds. The background and the colors surrounding the same becomes the source of hue inspiration and your silhouette/body movements become our focus i.e., subject. Here our main focus is to bring out the emotions through your movements and chemistry rather than just sticking to the expressions.

Aerial Style

What’s better than an insta perfect shot that seems like straight out of your favorite Karan Johar’s movie. Isn’t it dreamy and ethereal? We feel you that is why bring you the most aesthetic style of photography, i.e., the aerial style. It is just as its sounds. We plan and shoot your images in such a way that it seems that you might have shot your version of Bollywood worth romance from high above the sky.

Detailed Style

This style is just as it sounds. It works and focuses on the details, making them part of the overall ensemble and aesthetic of the image. In this style we make sure, every little detail is worked upon making sure that we are able to capture every part and corner of your wedding so that you never grow out of it.

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