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WE DON’T CAPTURE MOMENTS, WE IMMORTALIZE THEM! At Knotty Days we don’t capture moments, we immortalize them with our conceptual wedding and pre wedding photography.

The man behind the camera and the vision, Nikhil Arora, founded Knotty Days with a zeal to live, capture and perpetuate the moments of untethered joy, the firsts, promises of forever and happily-ever-afters for people who vowed to celebrate love, life and family, thereby creating best wedding and pre wedding photography content around the globe.

Nikhil is a multifaceted and versatile visionary who is always ready to take on a new adventure. His obsession with creating off-beat and modern wedding stories helped knotty days to be one of the top 10 wedding photography companies in Delhi, India. With his imagery and eye for pre wedding photography ideation, he intends to immortalize the shy smiles, the teary eyes, the whispered emotions, and the most precious moments of people’s lives that are too delicate to be forgotten with time. Forever evolving, learning, and marching ahead of the curve, Nikhil and his Knotty Days is a creative haven that inhabits crazy talent and a quirky team that transforms your fairytale into well-crafted moments that will live on, forever.

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