Pre Wedding Photography

Wedding brings along with it an era of bliss, happiness and frolic and infuses enthusiasm into an Indian household. Not only are the bride and groom excited about the union but two families and at times two distinct cultures are very happy about the union. There are a number of functions that take place before the wedding in any Indian wedding ceremony. In an attempt to make the wedding grand, all these functions and preparations of wedding encompass a lot of moments which need to be captured by the means of lenses as these events are filled with times of celebrations, fun and happiness. Therefore, we offer to you the pre-wedding photography offers that we have which will help you capture the various events that take place before the wedding. Be it the “sangeet”, the “mehndi” or any other function, we will be there to share the moment of joy with you and at the same time, we will capture them in a beautiful and exotic manner in our lenses. We are the best pre-wedding photographer in Delhi and our team of photographers and cinematographers will be there for you from the time you begin the wedding preparations and ceremonies. The pre-wedding photography sessions also give an opportunity to our crew to get accustomed with the bride, groom and their families and in this way both the parties are settled with each other till the day of the marriage and both understand each other expectations pretty vividly. Subsequently, the bride, groom and the family members get enough practice of being in front of the camera and so they now know how they need to position themselves in front of the camera, how they can adjust their attire to get the desired look, so on and so forth. Similarly, our crew also understands the nuances of the moments that need to be captured across the days and how they can get the best effects of the lighting in the venue of the wedding etc.

some of our pre wedding shoots