Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve tried to write up a comprehensive list of answers to questions you may have (and even those you don’t yet know you will have) about how we work.

Question: Do you travel outside Delhi for weddings?

Answer: Yes of course we will travel to virtually any part of the earth you need us to. All out of town projects will attract extra costs for travel, accommodation and car hire when needed.

Question: What cameras do you use?

Answer: We use professional Canon DSLR cameras (Mark 3’s & Sony A7ii), coupled with several top of the range professional lenses, and a host of lighting gear and modifiers.

Question: How soon do we need to reserve our date?

Answer: As soon as possible. This year we’ve had quite a number of brides book us almost a year in advance.

Question: Do you offer off-season and weekday discounts?

Answer: Sometimes we have discounted prices depending on our schedules and availability.

Question: How will we reserve our wedding date?

Answer: Once we receive your signed contract and advances, your date is then fully reserved, and we will not accept any other clients for that date.

Question: How much do I need to deposit?

Answer: We require a 50% initial deposit then 25% of the fee to be paid on or before the wedding day and rest 25% at the time of soft copies delivery.

Question: What happens after the booking?

Answer: We’ll then start pre wedding consultations leading up to the day. Further, if included in your package, a date is arranged for the pre wedding/engagement session. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know a bit more about you.

Question: We live out of town, how will this affect our consultations?

Answer: While we would love to meet up before the day, busy schedules and distance may prevent that. However all decisions can he handled remotely. Then again we could meet with your trusted friends or relatives if necessary.

Question: Do you provide video services as well?

Answer: Yes! we do cinematographic style wedding films focusing on couple, family and close friends filled with interviews. Delivered in Full HD!

Question: What time will you be arriving on the day?

Answer: We normally get to the bridal prep venue about an hour after the make up starts. We’ll try to capture the atmosphere, photograph the dress and accessories, the end part of the make up session, and then the bridal portrait session. If for some reason, you need us to be there earlier, we’ll need to know this before the day.

Question: How about the controversial group shots?

Answer: We definitely believe in family group pictures, mainly of parents and relatives. These take up a lot of time and detract from our photo journalistic creativity. So we have a second shooter who only focuses on conventional style photography and makes sure nobody is left out. Keeping second shooter, allows candid photograpger more time for the more creative portraits of the bride, groom and close ones.

Question: How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

Answer: Normally we wrap up shoot after vidai on wedding day and when we feel we have enough images for your story.

Question: How long will it take to get our images?

Answer: Your images will be ready within 3-4 weeks of your wedding. We will initially upload the images unto a password protected web gallery for you to view, and share with friends and family.

Question: Will the images be edited before presentation?

Answer: All selected images are individually assessed for color and tone, and edited appropriately. Blemishes and distractions are then taken care of before presentation. If fine art prints are ordered, a little more editing will go into the selected images.

Question: Will we get the Back up?

Answer: Yes you will get the edited high-resolution digital files + all straight from the camera images. Its normally send via a download link or DVD courier. But off course after complete payment.

Question: How many photographs make a great album?

Answer: We normally choose between 200 and 250 pictures for the standard 40-page album. However, if you need more than 250 images, it may be advisable to increase the album page count, or to make a second album.

Question: How long will our album take to arrive?

Answer: Albums normally take about 3 weeks after final selections from your side.

Question: How will we get our album?

Answer: You can pick it up, or we can deliver it to you if you live in Delhi/NCR, or we can courier it to you.

Question: Finally … why is wedding photography so expensive?

Answer: …..… errr … no its not. A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as just the 10 odd hours the photographer shoots on the day. But by our calculations, we spend over 40 hours on each wedding. Right from the first contact, the subsequent meetings, emails and phone calls, the hours start piling up. The engagement shoot will probably take 3-4 hours, editing its images another 4 hours The wedding day itself throws out over a thousand images which could take anywhere between 12-16 hours to edit, images need to be backed up, uploaded, albums designed, modified, all the while continuing communications with you, the printers and the binders. Weeks after your wedding, while other vendors have long since moved on to other projects, we’ll be the only ones still working on your wedding.

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